Hard Drive Shredding


Hard drive shredding is the most secure method of erasing your data. It also has a cost due to the underlying cost of the hard drive shredder and operating wear and tear. We will shred your hard drives as a part of our computer and server removal service, but at a small cost. All of the shredded hard drive material goes to an R2 certified facility for responsible recycling.



Hard Drive Wiping


When considering hard drive wiping as apposed to hard drive shredding for your data destruction needs, there are a few things to think about. Shredding hard drives creates more waste than if you were to wipe the drives. When shredding hard drives you must remove them from the servers which takes time and money. Wiping the drives, still installed in the servers is a simple as inserting a flash drive into the server and booting to the drive. We will wipe your drives free of charge as part of our computer and server removal service. This however is entirely up to the client to decide as there is a charge for hard drive shredding. We are here to help our clients decide which method is right for them when thinking about their data destruction needs and responsible recycling agendas.



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