Computer and Server Removal

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There are many companies out there that provide IT asset removal for a price. We provide a free computer and server removal service. We will come to your facility, take everything including wire, and then dismantle all of the equipment at our site for downstream R2 responsible recycling of components. We even offer Data Destruction. All of our downstream facilities here in the US and in China are R2 Certified.



Server and Network Equipment


Our global use of server and network equipment is growing at an astronomical rate. More and more users flock to websites on the backs of an army of tablets, phones and other devices. Something has to power all of that growth. The equipment that was very fast and economical last month is now out of date. Many companies charge thousands of dollars for computer and server removal. We do it for FREE!!. And on top of that there may also be some resale value to your old equipment. Don’t get overcharged for computer and server removal.



Resale Markets


Your IT Asset’s can have value on many resale markets. When we first walk through a Computer and Server Removal site estimate, we check these markets to make sure that there is no value left behind when differentiating between the scrap and resale markets. In some cases, certain removals can have resale value and we arrive at a percentage of that value for our clients. These deals are made on a case by case basis and most equipment is too old for this market so we recycle that material.



UPS Systems

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A large number of server centers maintain UPS Backup Systems. Sometimes it’s part of computer and server removal to uninstall UPS Backup Systems. If needed we can have a bonded and insured electrician cut the power to certain parts of a building in order to remove the UPS Backup Systems. All the batteries from one of these systems are sent to a certified battery recycler for responsible recycling. No matter what size we can handle it.



Server Racks and Wire


Many computer and server removal companies will come in and remove just computers and servers. Leaving the racks and wire behind for another company to come in and scrap. We take the racks and wire. One Stop Shopping is another way we make it easier for our customers.



Computer and Server Removal Logistics


There are many ways to remove computers and servers from a building. Our techniques include Pallet Jacks, Stretch Wrap, and Various Strap Systems. We normally don’t use forklifts inside of a building with a floating floor. The forklift is usually left on the dock to move pallets onto the truck. We try our best not to leave any marks on the floors and walls. Give us a call to find out more about our computer and server removal service.


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