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Responsible Recycling of E-Waste material is everyone’s duty in this day and age. These materials cannot be allowed to enter landfill facilities and the like. We remove, sort, and ship these Focus Materials to their respective R2 Certified facilities. When dealing with Focus Materials or “FM’s” it helps to remember that they are any boards, batteries, mercury or lead bearing materials such as CRT Monitors and plastics. The other materials such as power supplies, disk drives, aluminum, and steel are not considered FM’s. They are however still processed in a responsible manner and shipped to an R2 Certified Facility. We impose all of the responsible recycling properties that you will see in an R2 certified facility including data destruction, refurbishing and resale of materials that can be resold. The only difference is that we don’t charge the huge fee’s that an R2 Certified Facility charge for computer and server removal.



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